7/17/13 Health (fitness) At Every Size



One of the main things I love about CrossFit is that it’s about fitness and measures fitness on a spectrum of wellness and illness. IT DOES NOT MEASURE HEALTH ON AESTHETICS. So what is wellness? We see all these hard bodies and six pack abs on TV, on Crossfit mainsite, on the Crossfit Games site, but everyone of those athletes agrees that the Games is a small part of Crossfit. Over 90% of Crossfit is fitness and wellness at EVERY and ANY size.

Health At Every Size (https://www.sizediversityandhealth.org/content.asp?id=16 ) is  a new paradigm used by Dietitians (nationally certified as opposed nutritionists who are enthusiast). Health comes in various sizes. 5lbs underweight is as risky as 75lbs overweight, yet being skinny and small is glamorized in our society while being overweight is painfully shamed in school, among friends, by parents, by the opposite sex, by the same sex, by TV, by magazines, by all of us. The below youtube video is a TED talk that discusses health at every size and the negative effects of dieting that conflate body size and body image with self esteem and self worth .


Dieting doesn’t work. 95% of people gain back the weight within a few years and the act of dieting changes your energy needs which means that as you diet more and more you need less and less = when you go back to eating what you want to or used to eating your body stores it because it needs less now= weight gain. More and more cardio workouts are not the answer. Cardio burns muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat. To operate you need glucose (blood sugar) to fuel your life, when you hit a max lift or a sprint you burn glucose, you cannot turn fat into glucose, you don’t turn fat into energy in exercise until 25minutes or more after you have burnt the glucose in your blood and the glycogen stores in your muscles. Muscle Burns more calories than fat. Less muscle means you burn less fuel and need less caloric intake. When you’re at rest your primary source of fuel is fat, when exercising your primary source of fuel is glucose and glycogen. You need carbohydrates, you need proteins (which you cannot store so they are essential to eat), you need veggies, you need fruits, and you need fats! Becoming healthier requires a lifestyle change.

When did we as Crossfitters become so obsessed with weight issues? I only care about the weight on your bar, on your back, that you’re carrying, that you’re pulling, that you’re swinging, that you’re throwing, and that you are conquering. Having taken certifications in CrossFit gymnastics, Power Lifitng, Olympic lifting, endurance training, movement and mobility, strongman, and have certs in USA Olympic weightlifting, Crossfit Coaches preparatory course and attended a handful of training camps. What matters most of all in these seminars and certifications are skills, abilities, and capabilities, NOT your looks. As a coach I care what you are able of doing and what you are capable of doing. As a CrossFit trainer in the gym I pledge to measure your fitness based on your health, your wellness, your abilities, your skills, and your capabilities NOT your BMI, not your size, and not your looks.

On diet’s don’t work :


On post workout recovery ( you need carbs, you need protein, you need it after a workout and 2 hours later). To find the equation to find what is most optimal for your growth look under the conclusion section at the end.


BMI is a farce :



Friday May 24 2013



Watch some new drills i have found in my endless pursuit of all things crossfit and coachable

also on shoulder touches


10 minutes of handstand walk development

then 10 minutes of shoulder touches on wall

then partner spotting

then kick up to handstand and walk to partner’s spot

then kick up to handstand and walk to wall

then free standing handstand walk

if time permitting





Ring dips

Push ups http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/000838.html

may 17th

We will be doing fun things.

A lot of handstand stuff

 a lot of pull up stuff

a lot of toes to bar stuff

a lot of hollow rocks

all that added together=

Beach body for summer.

See you soon

wednesday 5/15/2013

Andrea’s Birthday WOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMRAP the number of weeks Andrea is along

Handstand push ups

Weighted Pull ups (use a belt or squeez a dumbbell between your legs)

Cart wheels

Toes to bar

Air squats (while holding a 20#/14# med bell in front of you)